The solid solution for medium and large-scale operations.
(cutting capacity approx. 50 - 300.000 m³)

With log handling systems HOLTEC has built up a reputation at many sawmills worldwide. The company’s plant engineering activities have been continuously further developed and expanded over more than 45 years of cooperation with our customers. With our solid-line range we combine this tried and trusted technological achievement with a new name. Solid-line stands for solid plant engineering, reliability and performance. This is something we have proven with the successful installation of over 300 plants around the world. Whether short logs or long logs, small or big diameter logs, HOLTEC is leading in the versatility of plant engineering capability. We work together with our clients to develop the optimum layout for the application in hand.

The chainless Separation Technology mainly fostered by HOLTEC hs become a brand in the industry sector. If possible we avoid using chains as they are subject to wear and cause high operating costs due to lubrication and exchange. During more than 10 years now the innovative concepts from HOLTEC prove themselves in rough 24/7 operations.

Conveying systems for long logs and short logs

Over the last decades HOLTEC developed the widest product range of conveying and transporting systems by far.

To the product range belong longitudinal conveyors and cross conveyors in varying types. Especially for accelerating short logs HOLTEC set the benchmark in its business sector by developing the v-shaped rollerway log-runner.

Feeding and separating systems

Feeding and separating systems

The system capacity essentially depends on an efficient and high-performance infeed system. Regardless of long logs or short logs – HOLTEC provides a wide range of solutions. Our focus is hereby not only on the production capacity: Infeeds naturally have to bear the highest mechanical loads. Innovative solutions from HOLTEC support to get the “total lifetime costs” under control – i.e. the costs for the total operating time. Avoiding chains, sprockets, mechanical slide surfaces and hydraulic consumers reduceswear maintenance and lubrication costs. More than 40 strokes per Minute are possible with the patented separation system chainless.

Crosscut lines and crosscut saws

Everything started with cutting logs: For over 30 years and in close cooperation with the company STIHL. From the start with chain saws, now fully automated circular saws are produced - for highest performance in all diameter ranges. As crosscut line, circular saw, chain saw or as combination machine. With belt conveyor or chain conveyors - our experience draws from more than 250 crosscut lines worldwide. Not without being proud we state: HOLTEC - worldwide the number 1 in cutting logs!

Sorting systems with sorting control

Log sorting lines for logs with small, medium and big diameters. In individual design and with the right sorting box concept. In concrete or in steel, as single box or as over-run box – for logs with small and with big diameters. Finished systems with sorting speeds of 200 m/min and up to 100 boxes. Concrete boxes / steel boxes / combination boxes with prefabricated concrete parts.


Waste handling systems of all types

Waste handling of all types

Seems to be marginal and is often disregarded. Adapted to the application a suitably dimensioned waste handling is self-profitable. HOLTEC provides solutions from the scraper conveyor via the waste conveyor in chain execution to the conveyor band with metal detection. As core product to 100% from one source and designed as well as improved with a long-standing know-how.


Electrical control and switch systems / Visualisations

Electric control and switch systems / Visualisations

Today systems in the wood industry are complex high-tech machines. With customer-oriented solutions HOLTEC provides the corresponding automation. From the switch cabinet construction to the process programming we produce the complete value chain in our own company and therefore, we have under control 100% of what our customers receive.

  • Development of customer-specific hardware and software
  • Production of electrical components and switch cabinet construction
  • Installation and cabling of the delivered systems
  • Start-up at site
Debarkers and butt-reducers

Debarkers and butt-reducers

Integration and turn-key deliveries of state-of-the-art debarkers and butt reducers. On demand we supply high-performance debarking and butt-reducing concepts of the market leaders and integrate the systems into the complete process. Electrical control and switchgear systems are included – everything from one source, for minimizing interfaces. Capacities of more than 120 m/min debarking speed are possible today. Also the technology in the field of butt reducers has been continuously improved. Today butt reducing times of less than 4 sec/short log are possible.


System concepts for processing long logs and short logs